In the beginning…

I was the perfect child.  No, I’m not kidding.  I did what my parents told me to do.  I wore the clothes they provided for me with little fussing or complaining.  I was a wonderful student with a great GPA even though I certainly had to work for my grades.  I was involved in the arts and in sports.  I was a model child.  I wanted to be average…and in my world that was average.

Truth be told, I gave my parents the wrong impression of what a child was.  Being the first born, I’m certain they believed all children came out this way.  But the hidden truth is I had no idea who I was.  I can look back now and tell you I was a people pleaser.  I didn’t like conflict.  I would not ruffle feathers.  You just simply would not encounter that with me.  I also never had a clear idea of my passions.

As I grew older I realized that I hated perfect.  I hated sugar coated answers.  I hated being lost to who I truly was meant to be.

So here I am now on this journey to see people as unique.  We all have different talents, different strengths, and different passions.  I’m on the path to discover not only mine, but those of the people around me.  Join me on this journey.


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