I Don’t Need Your Approval

My time at college was…interesting.  I ended my high school career with a bang, well actually a boom, thud, smash.  My hometown encountered a F5 tornado in March of my senior year.  My family alone had $100,000 in damage to our property.  It was a crazy mess.  That was the day I lost my innocence.

After leaving for college, I spent many nights in tears.  I’m sure my mom would like for me to tell you it was because I missed her (and I’m sure there were times of that) but I was very much grieving for my perfect life!

KeysI was a music major at a university very well known for its excellent music program.  I had a hard time expressing myself through music after the tornado.  I couldn’t add expression to my music for fear that if I did I would emotionally loose myself.  I spent my piano lessons in tears.  I remember very few lesson times when I didn’t cry.  My professor on MANY occasions asked me if I was sure being a piano major was what I wanted to do.  It was.  I was determined.  And he was not going to stop me!

Looking back now 15 years later, I can usually laugh.  I know that each decision I made back then has helped teach me more about myself.  I’m thankful for my stubbornness because without it I wouldn’t be able to get my minister license this year.  After a 10 year “break” from living, I’m back and ready to get to it!


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