I Don’t Like Myself

Those were the words my son uttered today.  Break my heart!  When I tried to ask him about it, he said,”see, I told you there were things about me you didn’t know.”  How do I react?  If I tell him I think he’s awesome, it’s just his mom saying it and she has to love me.  If I let it go, then he may believe I’m ok with those feelings.

It all started when we were watching The Biggest Loser from last night.  One of the ladies said she didn’t like who she was but didn’t know how to change.  Then he made that huge statement.  How do you have those feelings at 8?

The truth is that being his parent takes a lot of thought and consideration to raise him properly.  Dominant parenting and “you do it because I said you should” doesn’t work for him.  He is an extreme extrovert while everyone else in the family is introverted.  He loves to communicate…a lot.  He is super creative.  He is a party waiting to happen.  He so wants to be loved and accepted for who he is.

In most situations, his behavior stands out and not always in a good way.  He gets moved a lot while in group settings at school because he is talking or distracting other students.  He gets corrected at home a lot as well.  Every time he’s in one of these situations he FEELS different.  He FEELS unaccepted.

So how do I show him how deeply I love him and yet still make sure he’s learning boundaries?  There is no handbook to raising children.  And then they come out so different from one another!  We think we have it down after the first one, but we are quickly corrected.

Has your child ever revealed this kind of hidden feeling?  How did you respond?


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