Strength: Ideation (Creative)

At our house, we concentrate on and talk about our strengths.  One of Mr. L’s strengths is his creative mind.  While at the dentist office today (the visit deserves it’s own post!) the dentist commented on Mr. L’s creative imagination.  I mean…that’s saying a lot since the boy is sitting in a sterile room with very little to work with!

He never ceases to amaze me.  Truly.  We don’t tend to have any “I’m bored!” time at our house.  We have far too much to discover and create.  Here’s a picture Mr. L created at school a month ago.

Bird on Birch

Now this may seems ok to some, but you need to know where he started!  He had white paper, cardboard, and paint.  Yeah…that birch looks like they peeled it off a tree and stuck it on paper.   Maybe I think it’s more awesome than others.  Maybe I feel the need to lift him up after revealing some of his dirt in my last post.  All I know is that I am proud of him and excited to see the man he is going to be.

Each day is an adventure.


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