School of Choice

Last year was a rough year for Mr. L.  His 1st grade teacher was a bad fit for him.  We tried to have him moved, but the school wouldn’t work with us.  I got all set to homeschool him about half way through the year, but we both realized he needed time with his friends at school.

As we looked towards 2nd grade, we knew we had to do something different.  Our family was moving to a new town that had 3 public elementary schools, 1 private school, and 1 charter school.  We set out to see if this charter school was a good fit for not only Mr. L but his little brother that would be entering Kindergarten.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much the boys loved the school when we visited.  The classrooms have 2 grades combined.  I love this because within the classroom the older kids are being taught leadership skills.  The teachers use progressive teaching methods to incorporate the kids into the lesson.  It’s hands on learning that is perfect for boys!  During the student lead tour, we were amazed at how the students could carry on a wonderful conversation with adults.  They highly recommended the school as an option for our boys.  What really blew me away were the teachers.  You could tell they totally love teaching at this school.

At one point the boys said they wanted to go back to that art room again sometime.  I informed them that the art room was really a K-1 classroom.  I believe it was at that moment that we decided as a family this was the new place for them.

My boys LOVE this school.  Mr. L was actually sad last week when we had a snow day and he couldn’t go to school (yes, this was during the week he had problems with his girl friends!).  They are learning so much.  I rarely hear a complaint about going to school.

I know people sometimes have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to homeschooling, charter schools, or other alternatives for schooling.  I just want to encourage you to find what works for your kids.  Each child is different.  I truly believe if Mr. L was in the normal public schools this year he would not be flourishing the way he is now.


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