A Reason For Life

Last week Mr. L and I were washing dishes and listening to the soundtrack to the movie Rio.  There is a song on the soundtrack by Taio Cruz called Telling the World.  The lyrics are:

I’m telling the world that I’ve found a girl

The one I can live for, the one who deserves

To give all the light, a reason to fly

The one I can live for, a reason for life

I kid you not, we were just dancing around and singing when Mr. L pops off and says, “That’s not right.  We don’t live for a girl.  We live for God.  He’s the reason we live.”  A big smirk spread across my face.  I love this kid!  Seriously…he’s 8 and, at least for the moment, he realizes that we don’t live for a girl.  We have a much grander purpose.

Being a mother to 2 boys, I’ve very aware of the world they live in and the lessons being taught to them.

I was working at my father’s hardware store on Saturday and went to help a guy in his 50’s find what he was looking for.  As I point to the area up high on the peg board, he looked at my face, looked at my chest, and then looked a bit lower.  I can’t tell you how used and dirty I felt.  All that aside, I thought how this man didn’t come to looking at women in “that way” over night.  He had outside influences of some sort.

In that moment, I couldn’t have been more determined to make sure I protect my boys from idolizing women and their bodies.  I also had great sympathy for you men.  The world (women, music, movies, social expectations) don’t make it easy on you!

I’m thankful for Mr. L’s first steps towards a healthy respect for his relationship with women and with God.  It’s a life long journey but we are off to a great start.


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