Why All This Waiting?

This fall my church is hosting a ladies small group on Susie Larson‘s book Your Beautiful Purpose.  I can’t tell you how perfect the timing is for me to read this!  God has just started revealing His purpose for me and even though it’s a long time off from happening, I’m excited to have a destination or goal to work towards.

Our chapter this week was on trusting God’s timing as we wait on God.  Here is an excerpt from it:

Beautiful Purpose

“From the time we wake up to God’s divine purposes to the time we walk out those purposes in obedience and faith, we stand as works in progress, tested through trial, completed through perseverance.  It takes guts to reach out a hand for Jesus and to follow Him to places unknown.  Oftentimes, those places require humble surrender, gritty faith, and patient trust.”

The last few months have been trying for me.  I feel like God has me in this time of waiting but He’s not wasting it.  Instead He’s using it to reveal my dirt, my ick.  You know how fun it is to see your insecurities, pride, and fear placed right before you as you realize it MUST be dealt with before you can move on.  I have to say I’m not a big fan of this process!  It’s like becoming a parent and realizing how selfish you are!  But this new, higher level of responsibility shows a new level of behaviors that must be dealt with to be successful in what God has called you to do.

We have to surrender to the truth that we need work.  We will never arrive at our Destination Perfection but we can trust that God is gentle and kind as He reveals His corrections along the way.  It is a journey and it’s so worth it.


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