What A Week Will Bring

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting the last few weeks.  For me a life without goals = no purpose or destination.  I know that kinda sounds dramatic, but it isn’t.  I’ve come to realize I most likely have some sort of attention issue.  At times I wonder who in America doesn’t with all the distractions we have but I know for certain if you look at my track record and past that I have a problem with…squirrel!  Yeah, you’ve got it.

It didn’t take long after that realization (and a few tears) for me to set a plan in place.  I know that if I have a hard time concentrating long term that I must break them down into smaller goals.  I’m determined to use this for some good instead of be mad and hurt which lets this be a deficit.

So…my new habit I’m going to implement (with the help of my trusty partner in life who is extremely disciplined!) is weekly goal setting for myself and our family.

That sounds kinda nuts, right?  Weekly goal setting for your family!?!  Isn’t that a little overboard?

Well, no!  Because we will be able to find more wins in a shorter timeframe because we will have smaller goals.  These smaller goals will lead to bigger wins as we reach our bigger goals.  Come on now…doesn’t that sound amazing!

Goal without a plan

So here are my goals for this week:

Personal Goals: to set my goals (check!), read a nutrition book for the boys (so we can start setting proper food goals for the family), write 2 blogs, spend time daily praying for a specific breakthrough that God has promised, sell more stuff to lighten the load at the house (you know we all have A LOT of stuff!), and complete all the projects I currently have for work.

Family goals: eat dinner together as a family each night, read with the boys for 20 minutes each day, go to Lego Club and get books for the next week, school Mr. L on multiplication goodness, limit screens to 2 hours a day, and do 5 loads laundry.

Crazy simple goals, right?  But I can cross those off and feel like I’m moving the family and myself forward to a healthier and happier destination.

Are weekly goals a good idea for you at home or at work?  What goal or goals could you implement this week to help you reach a bigger goal?


My Sweet Valentine

There are some moments in life that stick out…they are so pivotal.  Today, mine happened as I was pulling my socks out of the clean laundry.  Yep…profound moment.

I had the very clear thought of how much I love living life with him.  I love our deep conversations.  I love that our hearts are intertwined.  I love that God has given me a PARTNER in life.

We work, we raise our kids, and we’ve created a life together.  But most of all, I’m thankful for a man who loves God.  We are able to work through situations that come our way.  We listen to God for direction and humbly respect His authority in our life.

I love that God speaks to my dear husband in dreams and pictures.  I love that when God speaks to me, my partner will listen.  What a blessing it is to be so loved.

We have learned after many years of marriage what it means to be a partner in life.  There were tough times that could have torn us apart.  Each of us have walked through hard times in life.  It’s what we do in those hards times that determines who and what we become.

So this is just a love note to my dear husband.  I love you.  Being yours is wonderful.

Creature of Habit

Last night the 4 of us had a fun night out with friends. We rolled into our driveway around 12:30am.  (Side note: I was super surprised that 50% of the houses we passed had someone still awake inside.)  Now if you know me, you may that was a late night for me.  I’m a solid 10:30pm-6:30am lady.  So it was of no surprise this morning when I woke up at 6:30am.  Even my crazy boys were awake!

This is a habit I created a couple years after getting married.  I spent the first 6-12 months of our marriage sleeping ALL the time.  Honestly if I wasn’t working I was watching ER or sleeping.  After college I was absolutely wrecked.  The last semester I was taking 21 credits, doing a senior project, working 3 jobs, and planning a wedding.  It was nuts.  So I give myself a little grace for that period of time.  HOWEVER, I know that I could have done so much more with my time.  I had such an opportunity to start my married adult life on the right foot, but I had no idea how to get there!

I came to realize that if I wanted things to change, I had to change my habits.  That’s where my strict bedtime came in.  It’s actually a source of many jokes in our house but I’m a better person and a better mom if I just do this.

Maxwell Daily Routine Quote

The truth is there are many more habits I need to put into place to be successful and reach my goals.  I’m working right now on writing out my big goals so that I can create habits that will drive me to achieve them.

So…what are some habits you do that are helping you reach the goals and dreams you have for your life?  What are some habits you need to start doing to help you move forward?

Small Decisions

For some reason I felt strong enough today to re-read the eulogy I gave at my grandpa’s funeral.  Most days I can barely say something about my grandpa without crying, but I felt certain that God was asking me to read the eulogy again today.

For me, his funeral was pivotal.  A launching pad.

Today as I’m reading my short synopsis of his life, I was struck by one observation.  He made many small decisions along his 76 years on this earth that made him into the man we remember.  He was defined by many moments in life just as you and I are today.  He constantly had to make choices to depend on God.

Today is my last day at 33.  Tomorrow brings on a new year.  New situations, new hopes, new steps towards my dreams.

Let’s rise up and meet whatever is to come.