My Sweet Valentine

There are some moments in life that stick out…they are so pivotal.  Today, mine happened as I was pulling my socks out of the clean laundry.  Yep…profound moment.

I had the very clear thought of how much I love living life with him.  I love our deep conversations.  I love that our hearts are intertwined.  I love that God has given me a PARTNER in life.

We work, we raise our kids, and we’ve created a life together.  But most of all, I’m thankful for a man who loves God.  We are able to work through situations that come our way.  We listen to God for direction and humbly respect His authority in our life.

I love that God speaks to my dear husband in dreams and pictures.  I love that when God speaks to me, my partner will listen.  What a blessing it is to be so loved.

We have learned after many years of marriage what it means to be a partner in life.  There were tough times that could have torn us apart.  Each of us have walked through hard times in life.  It’s what we do in those hards times that determines who and what we become.

So this is just a love note to my dear husband.  I love you.  Being yours is wonderful.


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