What’s Your Perspective?

Last Thursday I was able to attend the ladies bible study at my church where my dear friend Lauren was speaking.  Her message was too good to not pass on!

We have been reading in Deuteronomy about Moses and the Israelites.  Each of them had a different way of looking at what was going on while they were on their journey to the Promised Land.  Lauren presented the thoughts of an Israelite mother who didn’t understand how she was going to feed her kids or how to deal with the stresses of mobile living.  Weren’t they better off being slaves?  At least then they had food!  How about Moses’ view of these whiny people who seemed to always have a complaint.  They had seen some of the largest miracles in their journey, but yet they were still so unfaithful to God!  And what was God’s perspective of these people?  Their unbelief caused a longer journey than God had for them.  It caused Moses and the other generation to never cross into this Promised Land.

They were all experiencing the same situation, but the perspective from each person was so different.  That happens to us as well!  You can have three people walk through the same situation and all come out of it with a totally different take on what happened.  This happens because we all have different filters through which we see the situation.

Here are 4 filters we all have that shape our perspective:

1. Our personality (who we are definitely determines how we view our circumstances)

2. Our past events or experiences (each of us have lived out different situations that have formed and shaped who we are)

3. Strongholds in our lives (past hurts, family issues, our past that has become a stronghold)

4. Our personal beliefs (views of God and how He works, views on life)


Our table then had some time to chat about three questions.  They were:

1. How do you respond during stressful situations?

2. Are there any things that affect your perspective? (past hurts, personality, beliefs)

3. What benefits have you seen in your life when you have asked God for His perspecitve?


The conversation that followed was so inspiring.  We’ve all walk different paths and have so many different experiences.  These experiences have shaped our lives, but there are common threads that help us understand one another.

I’ve always been amazed at the common thread of fear or insecurity.  It seems to run rampant in people of our generations.  There are far too many people that have a past hurt that has plagued them for years holding them back.  I so badly want to help them walk our of that hurt so they can find themselves in a whole place where God has healed their wounds.

I’m also amazed at the large amount of trust and faith that I hear as people tell their story once they are on the other side of whatever they have gone through.  Some have lived through a stressful situation and come out on the other side with greater faith than before.  That faith has strengthened their ability so that next time (come on, you know there will be a next time!) they need to walk out their faith, they are able to do it with a bit more certainty.

Each of us has a story and that story has developed our perspective.  How has your life’s story helped form who you are today?


If you want to hear more from my friend Lauren, she has a ministry called Held Ministry and she blogs here.


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