I’m Ready To Live

I just got back from getting a Redbox movie for my son who came home sick from school today.  This little adventure took me driving in an area I’m not normally in this time of day.  So I’m pulling up to the stop sign when I see this man who looks like he’s around 50 years old and most likely looking for a fix (you know what I mean, right?).  Over the years, you’ve probably seen a guy like this somewhere in your travels.  He looked like he was trying to look a certain way with the bandana on his head, big rings on each finger, piercings, clean shirt…but he just had a look in his eyes.

His eyes told me he had a hard past.  His clothes and get-up made me see someone trying to perhaps keep living out the old glory days.  My clenched fists look as though he had to fight a lot with life.  As I’m sitting there analyzing him, God reminded me that this man is simply a man.  That’s it.  He’s a man with a purpose for his life.  He had a life and a purpose before all the ick happened in his life.  And now he had baggage.

But here’s the deal…WE ALL HAVE BAGGAGE.  We all have a past, hurts, and hang-ups.  We all have stuff that keeps us from living TRULY FREE!  But it doesn’t have to stop there!!!

Jesus didn’t die on the cross just to save us from hell.  No.  That is a great gift He gave us, but it’s not the only thing that happened that day.  He gave us a chance to live FREE!  Do you even know what that looks like?

About 6 months ago, I had a great time with God praying about my past hurts and hang-ups.  It was like there was a blockade between myself and God.  I loved Him and I was a Christ-follower, but I had such a hard time living a life free from my issues.  I believed I was always going to be fearful, wandering around without a purpose for my life, and scared to make decisions.  I asked God to forgive me for believing the lies about myself, about Him, and about my future and for Him to take those things out of my life.

After I was able to get rid of those things that were weighing me down, God filled me with words and pictures that showed me the truth about those lies.  He showed me the truth of who I am, who He is, and the purpose for my life.

If you are looking for that freedom, take some time to ask God what from your past is holding you back.  Once He’s showed you those things, ask Him to remove them.  Even ask for forgiveness for living out those lies.  He wants to take the ick away!  Once it’s gone, ask Him to show you the truth…who you are, who He is, and the purpose He has for your life.

I’m telling you, THIS is the life God has for you.  True freedom.


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