Liar! The Gloves Are Coming Off!

Do you ever have thoughts of beating up the devil?  

Yesterday morning as I was sitting reading my bible, he started dropping horrible lies in my head.  “If they really cared for you, they wouldn’t treat you like that.”  “You are of no worth.  Your dreams can’t come true.  You don’t have the drive.  You don’t have the connections.”

It’s in those moments that we have two choices.

1. Agree with what the devil is saying.  Take the little lies and internalize them.

2. Identify them as lies and don’t pick them up as your own.

We know that the devil condemns, but God corrects.  The devil will say over arcing things like, “you are not loved.  You are of no worth.”  But God will say, “You see how this situation unfolded, you know there was a more loving way to react” or “you see this thing you did, what does the Bible say about that?”  God is loving and kind.  He does not attack us or our entire character.  He addresses specific situations, attitudes, and issues that need adjusting.

So when the devil was lying to me yesterday, I just had to keep my shield up.  I kept looking for the truth.  Is this how God would talk to me?  NO, he wouldn’t.  Then out of nowhere I saw myself kick the devil in the devil parts (I always assume he’s equipped like a man and would still be hurt by that specific self-defense move) and punching him in the face.  And you know what, I’d like to do it again!  Cause he’s a LIAR!  He sucks…literally!  He sucks the life out of people leaving them a shell of what God intended for them to be.  And I REFUSE to let him suck the life out of me!

So, devil…I wanted to let you know that you are mean and you say ugly things.  You better step off or I’m gonna have to beat you down cause I have no time for your nonsense.  The mama bear in me is coming out so JUST BACK OFF!



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