Who’s In The #1 Spot?

The last 2 weeks have been very interesting for me.  As my work at church has ended, I felt that God has been moving me out from under the covering I had as a staff member at my church.  I’ve found myself lost.  Somehow my identity had fused with my employment status.

I found my covering and security in the wrong thing (yet again!).  I found it in a position instead of in God.  Who is the ultimate provider for my life?  GOD.  Who is the one who leads and guides me each day? GOD.  Where does my strength, hope, and peace come from?  GOD.  No position, human, or church can provide that for me.  God leads me and guides me.  If I get my focus off Him and onto a person or a title, that becomes an idol.  It replaces the position God should have in my life.


Forgive me for placing other people and things in the place only You belong. Be #1 in my life. Lead me, my actions, and my words.  My life is so much more than I could have dreamed up by myself.  Thank you for again showing me that I belong to You and that my worth is found in You.

Your loving daughter,



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