Living Out Your Faith

What does living out your faith look like?  

On one hand, you are sure of God’s faithfulness.  He’s been faithful in the past and will be again. You are certain of God’s direction that is causing this act of faith to be lived out.  You trust that God is working all things together for your good (Romans 8:28).  You know He will be faithful to complete this work He has started (Philippians 1:6) in you and your faith shows its worth as you continue down this path (1 Peter 1:7).

On the other hand there is sadness.  You’re sad to see something ending even if your certain of God’s direction.  You have accomplished great things in that time and place.  You’re sad about the dear people who you will miss interacting with now.  It just naturally happens.  You’re sad because that loop you used to be in is now a place you find so foreign.  And at times you are sad because while one part has ended, the next has yet to materialize so you are lost in the in-between.

This faith step brings you to a confusing place.  Part excitement as you follow God’s lead and part sadness about the things that are no longer…yet all the while knowing that following God and His plans far out weigh the option of disobedience.

Please don’t confuse these two sides as a lack of faith.  

These thoughts and feelings are you working out your faith.  Your heart may feel two different things at the same time…faith and sadness.  You may know in your mind that God’s got you, but still have moments of uncertainty.  Bring all of this to God.  He will help you sort it through.  He will bring you to a better place, a place where He is your source not only for strength, but for truth.  There is no greater place than to find yourself (worth, purpose, identity) in God.


Help us to be followers who seek to know and do what You say.  Give us the strength to live it out and the faith to know that You are always with us, working all things together for good.  We choose today to trust You.  You’ve got this and we’ve got You.


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