BIG Faith…New Beginnings

Over the last few weeks my life has completely changed.  I went from living by big faith to living out that faith.  

Bryce and I have both been serving at Canvas Church for the last 2-1/2 years.  I was brought on staff 10 months ago to help with the administration needs.  My main goals were to create systems and structure to help the church as we continued to move forward and grow.  I’m happy to say I was able to accomplish those goals.

A few months ago, God started doing something big in the Moltumyr house.  He was training us in the area of faith.  Last fall, it seemed like every door was closing for my husband’s business.  He was working hard to keep it alive.  Even when the business was struggling God was faithful to provide for us in other ways.  One month we sold a bunch of things we owned because that’s what God told us to do.  Another month we were given enough money to keep us going by some people who listened to God and were faithful to obey Him.  I remember thinking how creative God was because the money seemed to be coming in different ways each time.

He was growing our faith.

It was sure a good thing He was growing our faith because we would be facing even more in the weeks to come.  Last week I celebrated my final day of employment with Canvas Church.  For reasons I don’t understand (yet!) God has moved me on from being on staff.  It was a mutual decision between the pastor, his wife, and myself.  They were feeling like my time was coming to an end and so was I.  Sometimes the fact that God is working all these things together at the same time without people even knowing it is amazing to me.  I hadn’t expressed any of my feelings to them, but I had been praying that God would be working in the situation so that they would be ready when it was time.

Here comes the moment of living out my faith.

I told Bryce yesterday how amazing it was that we are open to whatever God has next for us.  We are literally holding to the promises God has given us.  A dear friend was praying for us months ago and felt God showing her a picture for Bryce and I. All the pieces of our lives would come falling down to the bottom where God would then pick them up and shape them into something new. After He was done, she saw them being shot out like a rocket. I know that this season I’m walking through now is going to be harder than the (hard) season we just walked through.  God has told me that.  That thought gives me a lump in my throat because I certainly thought I could not possibly stretch any further.

Our job right now is to pray and keep our eyes open to find what God has for us.  My mind has to remain on the goodness of God, His faithfulness and love, and knowing that there is a promise out there for us.  If I step back into trying to control this, it will not end well.  God’s got me.  I just need to remain faithful to Him.

Walk with Me in holy trust, responding to My initiatives rather than trying to make things fit your plans.  I died to set you free, and that includes freedom from compulsive planning.  When your mind spins with a multitude of thoughts, YOU CANNOT HEAR MY VOICE.  A mind preoccupied with planning pays homage to the idol of CONTROL.  -Jesus Calling April 22

God has told me to live right here, right now and to not be planning for what is ahead.  So we are going to live well right now.  If you think of us, please pray as we are on the lookout for what God has in our future.  We know He is faithful and He has a great plan.


Liar! The Gloves Are Coming Off!

Do you ever have thoughts of beating up the devil?  

Yesterday morning as I was sitting reading my bible, he started dropping horrible lies in my head.  “If they really cared for you, they wouldn’t treat you like that.”  “You are of no worth.  Your dreams can’t come true.  You don’t have the drive.  You don’t have the connections.”

It’s in those moments that we have two choices.

1. Agree with what the devil is saying.  Take the little lies and internalize them.

2. Identify them as lies and don’t pick them up as your own.

We know that the devil condemns, but God corrects.  The devil will say over arcing things like, “you are not loved.  You are of no worth.”  But God will say, “You see how this situation unfolded, you know there was a more loving way to react” or “you see this thing you did, what does the Bible say about that?”  God is loving and kind.  He does not attack us or our entire character.  He addresses specific situations, attitudes, and issues that need adjusting.

So when the devil was lying to me yesterday, I just had to keep my shield up.  I kept looking for the truth.  Is this how God would talk to me?  NO, he wouldn’t.  Then out of nowhere I saw myself kick the devil in the devil parts (I always assume he’s equipped like a man and would still be hurt by that specific self-defense move) and punching him in the face.  And you know what, I’d like to do it again!  Cause he’s a LIAR!  He sucks…literally!  He sucks the life out of people leaving them a shell of what God intended for them to be.  And I REFUSE to let him suck the life out of me!

So, devil…I wanted to let you know that you are mean and you say ugly things.  You better step off or I’m gonna have to beat you down cause I have no time for your nonsense.  The mama bear in me is coming out so JUST BACK OFF!


I Need The TRUTH!

I remember watching a Veggie Tales video about Gideon when my kids were younger and thinking how much faith it would take for George Mueller to trust God to provide everything.  I mean, everything!  At that time I was still living under a lot of ick (read condemnation!) and thought I was a lesser Christian because I could never live with that kind of faith!  A few days ago I was thinking of that story again.  Perhaps it was because we were living that kind of faith out on a VERY small scale…and God has been very faithful, but that’s not the reason I write this.

My concern is that we have allowed other people’s expectations and condemnation (real or not real!) to dominate our lives.  What words have people spoken to you or over you (saying you are this way or that) that have SHAPED who you are today.  Have they brought God’s truth into your life or sucked out whatever truth you had in you?  Has what they said changed the way you hear and see yourself?

Who is the ultimate authority in our life?  If we make God the one in charge, I can guarantee you that He does NOT condemn us.  He will correct our behaviors and even guide us to the proper path, but He does it in such a kind and loving way.  He has expectations for you that are not outside your reach, especially when you are listening to Him and letting Him take the lead.

When people start speaking into your life, ask yourself if what they are saying is hurting or helping, but more importantly ask yourself if it is true.  I am constantly asking myself if what I’m thinking or hearing is a lie (and perhaps going to hurt me) or if it’s God’s truth about who and what He is asking of me.  Many times I go back to the Bible and test what I’m hearing.  I also journal, so I’ll go back and see if what I’m hearing lines up with what I’ve come to see in my past.

What are some lies that you’ve believed that need to be stopped?  Once you get rid of that lie, what is the truth in that situation?  It’s not enough to simply get rid of the lie, you must replace it with truth or the lie will try to weasel it’s way back into your life.  Find the truth.


It’s All Worth It

Where do you find your worth?  

God has really been messing with me on this topic lately.  I have found myself without a full “worth” bucket.  As that bucket has felt empty I’ve honestly struggled to keep up with the rest of life.  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s so true.  I don’t care to meal plan, grocery shop, clean the dishes, or wash the floors because in my mind those things doing prove my worth.

My worth has been found in what I can contribute.  I want to help others move forward.  I want to help them move past their hurdles towards the dreams and goals God has given them.  I want to know that what I am creating and doing has a long-term effect on lives.

So right now I’m retraining myself.  I must focus on finding my worth in other things…such as the joy of my kid’s company, the loving eyes of my husband, and a sweet word from the Holy Spirit as God shares a small word with me.  These things fill my bucket and bring joy into my heart.  These are also the things that never change.  They are my constants and my most favorite things.

So where do you find your worth?  Are you finding worth in the right place?  If you are not being filled, what can you do about it?

Let God remind you of the great things you have in your life.

Have You Found Your Best Shade?

My husband and I have had a lot of hard conversations lately.  We have a son getting ready to go into 4th grade next year.  It seems like that is a big step for him so we are working to get him prepared.  Our son, Mr. L, has also had some rough conversations with us lately.  The one that stands out to me the most is that he feels different from everyone else in his world.

These days different is praised especially when it comes to being the real you.  However, in a school setting different = defective.  I HATE THAT!  I hate that in his precious mind that he feels defective.

Let me remind you of some ways he is different.  He is smart, yet creative.  He’s a leader who is determined.  He is a sensitive feeler.  He is a gifted planner.  He is an extrovert who loves to engage other people.

He is a mix of traits and characteristics so wonderful I can’t imagine how they are all contained in one body.

With all these strengths, we know there are also weaknesses in ourselves as well.  These weaknesses are effecting his school work and learning.  So we must stand beside him and work to find the proper solution so that he can be the best he can be.

To a boy who already feels different we have to very carefully explain WHY we are going to be actively working to help him in areas that are taking over his learning at school and interaction with his teacher.  We thought through the words ever so carefully.

Here’s what we finally came up with:

We are looking to find just the right shade of each color that makes up the masterpiece that is Mr. L.  Each time we need to find a newer, better shade it is because it will only enhance the picture being created.

We want him to know that he is loved and who he is may be different, but it’s not defective.  If you could just see the picture I see being painted by his life you would know how amazing he truly is.

So paint your picture.  Take a moment to sit back and evaluate your color choice.  Is that the best shade?  Could it us a little more of one color or the next?

What A Week Will Bring

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting the last few weeks.  For me a life without goals = no purpose or destination.  I know that kinda sounds dramatic, but it isn’t.  I’ve come to realize I most likely have some sort of attention issue.  At times I wonder who in America doesn’t with all the distractions we have but I know for certain if you look at my track record and past that I have a problem with…squirrel!  Yeah, you’ve got it.

It didn’t take long after that realization (and a few tears) for me to set a plan in place.  I know that if I have a hard time concentrating long term that I must break them down into smaller goals.  I’m determined to use this for some good instead of be mad and hurt which lets this be a deficit.

So…my new habit I’m going to implement (with the help of my trusty partner in life who is extremely disciplined!) is weekly goal setting for myself and our family.

That sounds kinda nuts, right?  Weekly goal setting for your family!?!  Isn’t that a little overboard?

Well, no!  Because we will be able to find more wins in a shorter timeframe because we will have smaller goals.  These smaller goals will lead to bigger wins as we reach our bigger goals.  Come on now…doesn’t that sound amazing!

Goal without a plan

So here are my goals for this week:

Personal Goals: to set my goals (check!), read a nutrition book for the boys (so we can start setting proper food goals for the family), write 2 blogs, spend time daily praying for a specific breakthrough that God has promised, sell more stuff to lighten the load at the house (you know we all have A LOT of stuff!), and complete all the projects I currently have for work.

Family goals: eat dinner together as a family each night, read with the boys for 20 minutes each day, go to Lego Club and get books for the next week, school Mr. L on multiplication goodness, limit screens to 2 hours a day, and do 5 loads laundry.

Crazy simple goals, right?  But I can cross those off and feel like I’m moving the family and myself forward to a healthier and happier destination.

Are weekly goals a good idea for you at home or at work?  What goal or goals could you implement this week to help you reach a bigger goal?

Creature of Habit

Last night the 4 of us had a fun night out with friends. We rolled into our driveway around 12:30am.  (Side note: I was super surprised that 50% of the houses we passed had someone still awake inside.)  Now if you know me, you may that was a late night for me.  I’m a solid 10:30pm-6:30am lady.  So it was of no surprise this morning when I woke up at 6:30am.  Even my crazy boys were awake!

This is a habit I created a couple years after getting married.  I spent the first 6-12 months of our marriage sleeping ALL the time.  Honestly if I wasn’t working I was watching ER or sleeping.  After college I was absolutely wrecked.  The last semester I was taking 21 credits, doing a senior project, working 3 jobs, and planning a wedding.  It was nuts.  So I give myself a little grace for that period of time.  HOWEVER, I know that I could have done so much more with my time.  I had such an opportunity to start my married adult life on the right foot, but I had no idea how to get there!

I came to realize that if I wanted things to change, I had to change my habits.  That’s where my strict bedtime came in.  It’s actually a source of many jokes in our house but I’m a better person and a better mom if I just do this.

Maxwell Daily Routine Quote

The truth is there are many more habits I need to put into place to be successful and reach my goals.  I’m working right now on writing out my big goals so that I can create habits that will drive me to achieve them.

So…what are some habits you do that are helping you reach the goals and dreams you have for your life?  What are some habits you need to start doing to help you move forward?

Return From the Dead

Hi all!  It’s me, Jill.  It has been a LONG time…I know.  So much life has happened over the last 6 months I wouldn’t know where to start.  So let’s just make this a fresh start.

I was recently inspired by some words from my good friend Lauren.  Actually, God uses this lady all the time, so it was no surprise that the words she spoke lead me here.  You see I know writing is healthy and helpful for me.  Hopefully you find some amusement in reading my crazy stories as well.  So we’ll call it a WIN-WIN.

Even though this is a fresh start, the purpose is the same.

I am on a journey to see people as unique.  We all have different talents, different strengths, and different passions.  I’m on the path to discover not only mine, but those of the people around me.

This is the start of something beautiful.